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Top Tube Bags a Go-Go!

Introducing Go-Go our new Top Tube Bag! She’s been in the works for quite a while, but we had to make sure she was perfect. What makes a perfect Top Tube bag you ask?


Wizard Works Go-Go Top Tube Bag for Bikepacking


Well, first she must be sturdy. Like, REAL sturdy.  We’ve chosen to use Hypalon for the daisy chain, this gives the bag an extra grip on the top tube. We also fiddled with MANY straps and concluded that not a lot of grip advantage is had by using Voile Straps over Velcro, while Nano Straps are always available as an add on, the stock straps for this bag are Velcro one wrap. This also helps to keep Go-Go at an accessible price point. BONUS!


Secondly, we wanted to address the Top Tube Waggle, if you’ve experienced it, you know. We knew that the sturdier the bag the less she will wag, so we had that covered, but we also wanted to make sure Go-Go was compatible with the Dr J0n DeWidget. For bikes with a very low stack height (low stem) the DeWidget sits under your topcap and isolates the attachment from the steering, further improving stability thanks to a bushing. It’s a neat piece of kit, you can read more about the DeWidget here.


Third, the size. In the end we went with two sizes to satisfy almost everyone. The regular size is great for smaller bikes and smaller things, it also has the added bonus of looking like a cute little snail riding atop your Top Tube. The long size is perfect for long snacks, long top tubes, and more stuff, this one come with a divider to keep your rig organised, and although she more resembles a slug than a snail, she’s still cute as heck!


Other features we wanted to include were a port for cables, to making charging your gear easy and recycled HDPE inserts to hold her shape and make opening and closing with one hand a breeze. Go-Go is definitely our fastest looking and most easily accessible bag, for when stopping is a no-no and you gotta get at ya stuff on the Go-Go!

Wizard Works Go-Go Top Tube Bag in Splatter