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Custom Shazam! Saddle Bag
Wizard Works Shazam! Saddle Bag Orange and Blue
Custom Shazam! Saddle Bag
Custom Shazam! Saddle Bag
Wizard Works Shazam! Saddle Bag Mounted 2
Wizard Works Shazam! Saddle Bag on the Bars
Wizard Works Shazam! Saddle Bag on the Bars
Custom Shazam! Saddle Bag

Custom Shazam! Saddle Bag

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If you are looking for a smaller Custom Shazam don’t fear we got you covered. Check out the new MINI SHAZAM!


For the adventurous among you that need to carry more stuff, the Shazam! saddle bag is here for all your advanced stuff carrying needs. Is an overnighter on the horizon? Maybe you’re going cross country? Maybe you just need to carry lots of stuff with you on a daily basis and you’re sick of tying your jumper around your waist? With a sizable carrying capacity, an extendable roll top (we see you emergency grocery trip!) and the added bonus of looking cute on and off the bike, Shazza will most certainly snazza up any ride.

A re-imagined classic saddle bag for the modern cyclist. The Shazam! has a roll top closure and floating liner for increased weather protection. We’ve chosen a hard shell construction, and a lightweight aluminium length is used in place of the traditional wooden dowel for optimal stability, meaning she’s good to go on even the gnarliest trails.

  • Long flap will secure bigger loads or extra things (like tent poles or foam mattresses or a baguette or two or three)
  • Extendable roll-top closure 
  • Roomy side pockets can hold a pair of burritos
  • Multiple attachment points allows use with saddle loops or upfront on the bars 
  • Super cute portage handle for off the bike transportation
  • Daisy chain webbing on flap - dangle a cup, attached a safety pizza or dry out your socks
  • D-rings for optional Shoulder Strap


  • Rugged Outer in your favourite choice of fabric with Bright Yellow Nylon Liner
  • Floating Liner for increased waterproofability 
  • Hardshell construction (1mm Recycled HDPE Sheet) means she holds her shape and doesn't sag
  • Aluminium reinforcement at the attachment  point - lots of stiffness for stability and secure attachment


  • D-rings for shoulder strap (not included)
  • 2x Voile Straps for extra secure attachment to saddle loops or bars
  • 1x length Velcro One-wrap strap and 1x Camlock strap for seatpost/rack/headtube attachment
  • NOTE: To mount to the saddle you need a saddle with loops, like Brooks, or an aftermarket adapter (such as Hobopieces or Carradice QR)
  • We recomend a minimum 25-26cm of Tyre clearance when not using a rack or support


Saddle Bag Supports:

Shazam! Is very stable as saddle bags go. But in order to really reduce unwanted sway we strongly recommend using a saddlebag support. This will prevent thigh rub and give you the best rough road stability. 

Shazam! Is a big bag and the center of the attachment point is 19.5cm from the bottom of the bag. Check the depth of your support before you purchase. The Larger Carradice Bagman Expedition works great, and we have it in stock HERE or the quick release version HERE


Volume: 10.8L - 22.5L (when fully unrolled) + 2x 0.5L Side Pockets

31cm wide x 17cm deep x 23-46cm Tall
Aprox 41cm wide when side pockets are full

We recommend a minimum 28cm of Tyre clearance when not using a rack or support

Weight: 880g for all Cordura Fabric, 710g for all Xpack VX-21

2x Voile Nano Strap

1x Velcro One-Wrap Straps, 1x Camlock Strap

Media Review

"...the Shazam! is thoughtfully executed, beautifully made, and I’d consider it a home-run for Wizard Works." Review

"I appreciate this bag for its carrying capacity, combined with its sturdiness. It is a bonus that it looks so rad..."



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