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Wizard Works Alakazam Basket Bag
Wizard Works Alakazam Basket Bag 137
Wizard Works Alakazam Basket Bag 137
Wizard Works Alakazam Basket Bag 137
Wizard Works Alakazam Basket Bag 139
Wizard Works Alakazam Basket Bag
Wizard Works Alakazam Basket Bag
Wizard Works Alakazam Basket Bag Flap
Wizard Works Alakazam Basket Bag sides
Wizard Works Alakazam Basket Bag Shoulder Strap
Wizard Works Alakazam Basket Bag Zip Pocket
Wizard Works Alakazam Basket Bag attachment
Wizard Works Alakazam Basket Bag Rear Pocket

Alakazam Basket Bag

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Alakazam! is maybe the most exciting basket shaped bag known to, well, anyone! It’s available in 2 sizes and designed to fit the fantastic Wald 137 and 139 Baskets (which we also sell!). And I think we can all agree that baskets are rad - you can put stuff in them, strap stuff to them and dangle stuff from them, not to mention they are sweet as heck - stuff hauling has never looked so cute! The bike equivalent to your car's boot, a versatile sturdy space to fill with whatever you like. You name it and a basket can probably support it. Whether you take your basket to the market, to work or to the mountains, take your basket to the next level with an Alakazam basket bag.

With its roll top design the Alakazam basket bag provides massive amounts of storage. Around town its the only bag you need, able to swell to carry your shopping on the way home. Out in the wilds you have an amazingly secure and easy to access bag that puts most bikepacking bags to shame. The flap makes on-the-bike access quick and easy, even whilst riding - with a bit of practice.

Supplied with two (top-secret) straps that allow you to carry even bigger things than you should normally need/want to. Because, well,, sometimes you’ve just got to.There is also a shoulder strap included, for easy off the bike carryability. And don’t worry, the bottom and lower sides of the basket are padded with high density foam, to keep your stuff protected.


  • Roll top design lets you carry huge loads
  • Flap closure for super fast access to the bag, on or off the bike
  • Zippered Pocket on flap for secure storage of small things
  • 2 flat pockets on rear of bag can be accesses while riding, perfect for flat stuff
  • 2 Removable extension strap sallow you secure HUGE extra load
  • Handsome tapered shape fits the basket snugly, maximizing space
  • Foam lined bottom and lower sides protects your stuff
  • Includes adjustable simple shoulder strap



  • Rugged Cordura outer with Bright Yellow Nylon Liner
  • Floating 1 piece Liner provides vastly increased waterproofing!
  • Reinforced seams at all high stress areas
  • Handmade in London,UK



  • Two G-buckle straps provide simple and secure attachment.
  • No need to thread annoying buckles through the basket mesh
  • The strap wings distribute load evenly


Note: Only compatible with Wald 137(2) and 139(2) Baskets! Which we sell! Click them links!!!

Wald 137 Wald 139
9-38L (when fully unrolled) 20-70L (when fully unrolled)
36w x 23d x 14-48h cm
45w x 31d x 16-54h cm

 Bag attaches to Basket with two sewn in G-buckle straps

Includes two Secret straps for securing extra large loads

Includes adjustable shoulder strap

Media Review


"...I think it’s a well executed bag that is equally suited for rides to the grocery store as it is for longer bikepacking trips on gravel roads and doubletrack."

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