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Re-Use Re-Purpose Lil Presto! Barrel Bag
Re-Use Re-Purpose Lil Presto! Barrel Bag

Re-Use Re-Purpose Lil Presto! Barrel Bag

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The Re-Use Re-Purpose Collection, reuses the iconic Thomson® bags that their precious components come in, and re-purposes them as new bags, fit for carrying your precious items with you on your travels. 

The Re-Use Re-Purpose Lil Presto! is a simple design, that shows off a lovely piece of reused fabric, tucked inside a stealthy black package. 

Note: whilst the pattern will be the same for each option, there will be subtle differences in the cut, colours and condition of the re-purposed bag parts. 


The Lil Presto! is the perfect companion for a day out; looks cool, carries stuff, bears snacks, doesn’t complain. What more could you want? Designed for happy-go-lucky scamps that need to be prepared for anything, this charming wee bag mounts to either handle bars or saddles (with saddle loops. i.e.: Brooks).

Big enough to stash an extra layer, keep your phone to hand and carry your lunch. A daisy chain on the front to clip a light to or dangle a mug off of. Maybe you need to carry some spare socks, travel scrabble, or a burrito or two, whatever you've got to stash, the Lil Presto! will do it besto!

  • YKK Aquaguard water-resistant zipper access to main compartment (easy in easy out)
  • Two side pockets for thin things like ninja-stars or a used wrapper etc 
  • Daisy Chain on Front (ideal for clipping a light too) 
  • Voile nano straps for rock solid attachment that won’t mark your bars (yes, even your fancy carbon bars)
  • Cordlock headtube/seat post strap non-marking and secure 
  • Accessible while riding (when mounted to the front, accessibility from backwards mounting wholly dependent on personal flexibility)
  • Waterproof Cordura outer fabric and waterproof nylon liner (keeps your important trinkets dry)
  • HDPE plastic liner means she’ll keep her shape no matter what you’ve got stashed
  • Loops at top for attaching a shoulder strap, available separately


Volume:  2.15L
Size: 22cm Long x 14cm Diameter
Weight: 250g
Attachment: 2x Voile Nano Strap + 1x Cord Strap