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Wizard Works Day Ride Essentials Bundle
Wizard Works Day Ride Essentials Bundle
Wizard Works Teeny Houdini
Wizard Works Teeny Houdini
Wizard Works Day Ride Essentials Bundle
Lil Presto Splatter
Lil Presto Black Camo
Lil Presto Rust
Lil Presto Olive
Lil Presto Fluro Pink
Bundle Deal: Day Ride Essentials

Bundle Deal: Day Ride Essentials

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Save 15% on 1 Lil Presto & 1 Teeny Houdini


This one is all about carrying some snacks and a few extra layers in your Lil Presto barrel bag whilst keeping your rpeair kit safely tucked away out back in your Teeny Houdini saddle bag.

Lil Presto is the perfect companion for a day out; looks cool, carries stuff, bears snacks, doesn’t complain. What more could you want? Designed for happy-go-lucky scamps that need to be prepared for anything, this charming wee bag is big enough to stash an extra layer, keep your phone to hand and carry your lunch.

Teeny Houdini is the cutest minimal saddlebag to hold your essentials and a teeny bit more! Available in two sizes, small, designed to fit a road tube, and medium, for a gravel/road plus/mtb tube

Note: This Bundle includes 1  Lil Presto and 1 Teeny Houdini. Both bags must be in the same colour, and you get to chose the size of your Teeny Houdini


Lil Presto Teeny Houdini (Small) Teeny Houdini (Medium)
Volume:  2.15L 0.3 - 0.4L 0.4-0.5L
Size: 22 x 14 x 14cm
14 x 7 x 6cm 14 x 9 x 7cm
Weight: 250g 65g 75g
Attachment: 2x Voile Nano Strap + 1x Cord Strap Included
Included Strap Included Strap + Optional One-wrap strap for the seatpost

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