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Coronavirus 2021 Update

As the virus continues to rage in England, we are again facing restrictions. As a manufacturing business, we can stay open during this lockdown, however we have made the decision to furlough our human employee, Tasha, to minimize her risk of infection. The infection rate in London remains too high to have her commute safely and it is our number one priority to keep her virus free.

As a result, we are operating at a reduced production capacity and will not be opening custom orders for our larger bags (Shazam, Mini Shazam and Alakazam) until we are back to our full team. For now, we are still accepting custom orders for our small bags (Lil Presto and Voila).

We will try our best to keep all our stock items available (including stock Shazam, Mini Shazam and Alakazam) however this might not be possible at times, if your chosen item is out of stock, we recommend signing up to restock notifications as we will be working hard to have things restocked regularly.

We apologise in advance for any delays in communication, please be patient if we do not reply to enquiries in a timely manner.

For the time being we have suspended all in person collections.

Our robot employee, Jema, being robotic, is immune to the virus and will continue to work throughout the lockdown.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Big love, V + H