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Recycle Your Old Thomson® Bag


Our Re-Use Re-Purpose Collection is made from donated Thomson® bags, breathing new life in to this iconic packaging. Do you have one or more bags lying around? Perhaps you've forgotten about them, or perhaps you saved them because well, they are darned Rad.

Either way we would love to receive them from you to remake into new functional luggage. 

In exchange for your donation we are offering either WW Credit or a Donation to the Extinction Rebellion. We donate £1.50 per bag (going up to £2.00 for straight handlebar bags) either in credit to you or as a donation to the Extinction Rebellion movement, working to save our species and all other species from the imminent threat of human caused climate change. 


Please use the contact form below to get your donation started!
And thank you, people like you are wonderful!

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