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Carradice Bagman Expedition
Carradice Bagman Sport

Carradice Bagman Support

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The Carradice Bagman Support is a steel saddlebag support rack that attaches to your saddle rails. Designed to eliminate saddle bag sway and thigh rub, we reckon you'd be a crazy person to run your Mini Shazam or Shazam without one! Crazy!

This is the standard version of the rack, and it will require you have a saddle with saddle loops, like Brooks. If you don't have saddle loops then why not checkout the Quick Release version of the bagman?

 Size: Sport (S) Expedition (L)
Compatible With Mini Shazam Shazam
Weight 328g 387g
Dimensions 17cm wide x 18cm high x 17cm deep 18cm wide x 20cm high x 17.5cm deep
Maximum Load 10kg 10kg
Clearance required from saddle rails to just above rear wheel aprox 18cm apox 21cm

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