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Re-Use Re-Purpose Voila! Snack Bag
Re-Use Re-Purpose Voila! Snack Bag
Re-Use Re-Purpose Voila! Snack Bag
Re-Use Re-Purpose Voila! Snack Bag
Re-Use Re-Purpose Voila! Snack Bag
Re-Use Re-Purpose Voila! Snack Bag

Re-Use Re-Purpose Voila! Snack Bag

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The Re-Use Re-Purpose Collection, reuses the iconic Thomson® bags that their precious components come in, and re-purposes them as new bags, fit for carrying your precious items with you on your travels. In this case their stems bags are re-imagined as, well, stem bags (this time attaching to rather than carrying)

Note: whilst the pattern will be the same  as pictured for each option, there will be subtle differences in the cut, colours and condition of the re-purposed bag parts. 


"If you’re a longtime Thomson fan, you won’t be disappointed with Wizard Works’ take on the humble stem bag. Aside from being very nicely thought through, easy to access, and built to last, this iteration of the Voilà stem bag will likely bring a smile to your face." - Review

Do you long to carry your snacks within easy reach? Want your drink bottle to ride upfront for on-the-go hydration? Need to transport your keys, lip balm and phone but lack the necessary pockets? A Voila! Snack Bag might just be the bag for you. Designed for snacks, useful for just about anything.

Great on its own or part of a more adventurous set up - take your snacks across town or across continents. Take your snacks to the beach, take your snacks up a mountain, take a picture of your snacks, take advantage of your snacks. Take your snacks anywhere and take them in style.

  • Front pocket and daisy chain offers endless attachment points. Clip your knife in place, carry a pen or two. Great for your long thin snacks like jerky or carrots
  • Foam insulation will keep your long neck cold on the way to the park
  • Nifty one handed opening and closing via “Cyberian cord lock” so you can get at those snacks without getting off the bike
  • A floating liner for easy crumb removal 
  • 3 point attachment for extra stability 

    Available in 2 sizes:

    • Regular: carrying capacity of 502 m&ms*. Fits a standard size drink bottle
    • Large: carrying capacity of 694 m&ms*. Fits a one litre Nalgene 
    *We have used scientific methods to determine this some what accurately.


    15cm Tall x 8cm Diameter
    17cm Tall x 9.5cm Diameter
    Attachment:   2 Loose Velcro Onewrap straps, and one sewn in lower strap with buckle. 

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