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Voile Nano 9" Strap at Wizard Works UK
Voile Nano 9" Strap at Wizard Works UK
Voile Nano Strap Black at Wizard Works
Voile Nano Strap orange at Wizard Works

Voile Nano Straps

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Voile, pronounced Vo-Lay, make the best most useful straps known to humankind!

We stock the new Nano series straps as we use the 9" version for attachment straps on the Shazam! The Saddlebag and our Lil Presto Barrel Bag. With a Nylon buckle the Nano series straps won't mark your carbon bars or beautiful paint job. The special nano size allows the strap to cinch down around something as small as a pencil in diameter. This is perfect for those little Brooks seat loops.

A major upgrade for any bag you own. Replace your current straps with a Voile Nano strap and never look back.

  • Non-Marring 
  • Non-Conductive 
  • Won't Slip 
  • Holds Tight 
  • Super Strong 
  • UV Resistant 
  • Works in Extreme Weather 
  • Daisy Chain Together

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