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Wald 1392 Basket
Wald 1392 Basket
Wald 1392 Basket
Wald 1392 Basket
Wizard Works Wald 1392 / 139 Basket Black with hardware

Wald 1392 Basket

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Basket are hella Rad! - you can put stuff in them, strap stuff to them and dangle stuff from them, not to mention they are sweet as heck - stuff hauling has never looked so cute! The bike equivalent to your car's boot, a versatile sturdy space to fill with whatever you like. You name it and a basket can probably support it. 

The Wald 1392 is the larger of the two sizes of Wald basket we stock. This thing is huge. You can fit a slab of beer (almost) or a really big rock or maybe a Corgi. Its big, get it if you need to carry the biggest stuff.

Supplied with handlebar mounts and support legs. Alternatively don't use these and zip tie to a front rack for maximum style points.

Why not take your basket to the next level with our Alakazam basket bag.

• W45cm x L32.5cm x H15cm
• tapers to 40 x 26.5cm at base
• 22.2-25.4mm clamps
• 1 3/4" clearance for shift/brake cables
• extendable legs from 35-55cm
• mount to either axle or fork eyelets
• 1.8kg (including all hardware)


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