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Widefoot CargoMount
Widefoot CargoMount
Widefoot CargoMount
Widefoot CargoMount
Widefoot CargoMount

Widefoot CargoMount

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The original one-piece aluminum cargo carrier. The Widefoot CargoMount allows you to securely strap down a variety of bottles, smaller bags, and cylindrical objects to your bike frame or fork. Made of sturdy and lightweight aluminum, and available in Silver Anodized or Black Coated finish. Our unique 7-slot configuration allows you to fine tune your installation at multiple positions on frames and forks with three-bolt mounting systems. Weighing just 68g, it’s among the lightest cargo cages on the market.

Supplied either without straps or with your choice of Voile straps.

Made in the USA


Installation and Use:
1. Install by bolting onto sets of three mounting bosses.
2. Use hose clamps and other non-bolt methods at your own risk.
3. Thread two straps through, then around the outside of the CargoMount.
4. Wrap straps around your cargo, and securely fasten according to your straps instructions. Keep loose ends away from moving parts.

Mounting hardware is not included. Installation by a professional bicycle mechanic is recommended. Consult with your bicycle manufacturer if you have questions about compatibility with your bike frame or fork. Use of two straps is recommended. Always ensure your CargoMount, straps, and cargo are securely fastened and not interfering with moving parts before riding.

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